Designing Design Education for India Conference

The India Design Council hosted  "Designing Design Education for India"  Conference during March 6–8, 2013 at Pune.

Design education in India is expanding at a brisk pace. There many institutions offering design education in diverse design disciplines. The proliferation of a large number of Design institutions in India necessitate creating a guiding (not binding) framework that represents a common rationale / philosophy for design curricula and its implementation. The aim is to harmonize the different education systems whilst taking into account their great diversity. The Designing Design Education for India Conference is the means to create this guiding framework.

Today we all operate in a globally competitive and constantly changing environment. Our environment is constantly influenced and changed by increasing economic integration, technological innovation and advances. It is important to take notice of these constant changes and define an appropriate response in terms of creating enabling design teaching and learning framework, which is, aligned to the economic and social development needs of the nation. The framework is important to facilitate improvements in the quality of outcomes from design education leading to highly knowledgeable and skilled design graduates suitable for a competitive world.

The conference brought together design educators, researchers and professionals from within India, Asia and around the world to discuss, deliberate and determine the nature and future of design education framework in India.

The proceedings of the conference can be downloaded here.
DDEI Conference Proceedings

The videos of the proceedings of the conference are available at