Re-Thinking Basic Design Pedagogy

Invitation and Call for Participation
Re-Thinking Basic Design Pedagogy
– An Interactive Workshop
Organised by India Design Council
27th– 28th March 2015
At National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

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India Design Council takes great pleasure in inviting you to Re-Thinking Basic Design Pedagogy 2015, which is one of the first attempts aimed at reassessing the Basic Design Education in India. The workshop is being organized by India Design Council and will be held at NID Ahmedabad.

The importance of teaching Basic Design or Foundation level design in design education is widely acknowledged. While different design disciplines may have their domain specific nuances, it is the Basic Design, which binds all of them together by laying the foundation of a competent and informed designer.

We invite design faculty from all across the country, irrespective of the design discipline they belong to, to this immersive design dialogue. The participating facultywill

  • Share ideas and methodologies of design teaching / learning
  • Discuss and deliberate on new techniques of teaching learning
  • Meet and network with peers

Design professionals interested in teaching are also welcome.

This two-day intensive program is the beginning of a journey towards collaborative brainstorming. We hope that you will accept our invitation and participate in our endeavor to redefine Basic Design education in India.

The Program

The aim of this workshop is to share, discuss and deliberate upon various aspects of basic design teaching. The idea is to bring faculty members from various design institutions in the country andgive them a platform to share their best practices, exercises, assignments, pedagogies and methodologies along with their intended outcomes.

We propose to discuss key areas of Basic Design such as –

– Representation & Visualization
Sketching – Freehand and Analytical, Geometry and Structure

– Form Studies 2D
Elements of Composition, Colour Theory, Space Form and Structure, Nature and Form, Typography

– Form Studies 3D
Material Studies, Combination of Materials

– Design Context – Culture and Values
Environmental Perception; Studies in Science and Liberal Arts

- Media Appreciation
- Design Process
- History of Design

The workshop would intend to provide an interactive platform through the means of Panel Discussions, where all the faculty members would participate in open deliberations and provide constructive feedbacks to help one another craft the best way of imparting basic design education. These Panel Discussions will focus on but won’t be limited to –

  • The possible new directions design education must embark on by reevaluating old methods and their relevance in changing times today.
  • The relevance and approaches of teaching Design and Empathy to sensitize young designers towards existing design problems.


As a final outcome of this workshop, we would come up with a publication (to be disseminated freely) based on material shared by the faculty members with due credit to each of them. Also we would create an electronic sharing platform where this group can continue to enrich one another.

Dates & Venue

Dates: Friday & Saturday, March 27 and 28, 2015
Time: Day 1 – 11.00 AM – 6.00 PM
Day 2 – 10.00 AM – 5.00 PM
Venue: National Institute of Design
Paldi, Ahmedabad 380 007



1. Presenter Registration

  • Participation is open to faculty from all design disciplines from all institutes of design.
  • A design institute can nominate any number of participants.
  • The presenter should submit his / her proposal for presentation in the format provided with the Presenter Registration Form
  • The participation fee for Presenter Registration is Rs. 1000/- (Rs. One Thousand Only) per presenter, to be paid only after approval of the submitted proposal.
  • Participants will receive a course completion certificate to confirm participation in this workshop.

Download Registration Form

2. Attendee Registration

  • Design Professionals and Design Faculty who wish to gain first-hand experience of teaching methods and strategies are welcome to attend the workshop.
  • The participation fee for Attendee Registration fee is Rs. 1500/- (Rs. Fifteen Hundred Only) per attendee.
  • Participants will receive a course completion certificate to confirm participation in this workshop.
  • Attendee is expected to participate in the brain storming sessions

Download Registration Form

How to Register

Interested participants please fill-in the enclosed registration form and return it
Ms. Ankita Trivedi

The payment for participation fees could be made by cheque or by electronic bank transfer. The details are mentioned in the enclosed registration form. Once we receive your registration form we will advise the further details.

Workshop Facilitators

The workshop will be led by Prof. MandarRane.
He will be supported by Prof. Chakradhar Saswade as his co-lead.

The aim of this workshop is to create an event, which allows design faculty of the country to share, discuss, debate, and argue about basic design. Prof. MandarRane. and Prof. ChakradharSaswade as a team will attempt to create a rich dialogue between the presenters as well as attendees. They plan to do this by creating smaller teams on the second day of the workshop, which will encourage brainstorming amongst groups led by a moderator. The idea is be interactive and align the focus of discussions towards newer developments in basic design pedagogy. They want to make this effort collaborative and broaden the scope of the discussion to create this workshop as a platform for basic design pedagogy in the country.

MandarRane is an Associate Professor at Industrial Design Centre (IDC), IIT Bombay. He receivedhis Bachelors in Applied Art from J.J. Institute of Applied Arts, Bombay and he has done his masters in Visual Communication (M.Des) from IDC, IIT Bombay. Before joining IIT Bombay he was teaching at the Department of Design, IIT Guwahati and was a part of shaping the design program there; one of the first undergraduate programs at IIT in Design, in the country. He has been teaching typography, Publication design and Information design, since last fifteen years. He believes in working for projects in which design can make a difference and to the lives of people of INDIA. Mumbai Rail Map (MRM) is one of such efforts where he and his students want to give the Mumbai city a rail map. He has been a visiting faculty to most of the undergraduate and postgraduate programs across India and abroad. Before academics he was associated with TATA Interactive systems and as part of the creative teams. He also renders his consultancy services in the area of Web applications, Interface design, Publication Design and Corporate Identity Design. NIT Patna, BARC, NCAIR are some of his recent works in identity design. You can learn more about him on his website:

Chakradhar Saswade is a senior faculty at NID and teaches core courses in design fundamentals and applied semiotics. He joined NID’s Foundation Programme in 1999 and later coordinated it from 2007 to 2012. Presently he is a Coordinator in-charge of Information and Interface Design Programme at NID’s Bengaluru campus. He has a master’s degree in Fine Arts and has research experience of four years in pursuing PhD in the field of art and photography as a UGC-JRF scholar at M.S. University of Baroda. He hascontributed in curriculum development in the areas of Design Fundamentals, Graphic Design and Information Design at NCERT, IGNOU, PSSCIVE and has also worked in streamlining academic processes at NID for making the system more robust. Chakradhar has created identity designs for the KendriyaVidyalayaSanghatan, Reserve Bank of India’s, DICGC and National Academy of Telecom Finance and Managementamong others. Chakradhar is a visual artist-poet and his work is been exhibited in various national exhibitions and has contributed with his poetry in some major Marathi literary journals.